Cape Wrath LDW prep

Aired out the big tent for this trek in a couple of weeks with an extended walk (30km) and a summit camp on a remote Graham. Fabulous weather on the walk in, glorious sunrise for about 4 minutes and a drizzly walk out. Plenty of birdlife and Im getting better at recognizing them now. RSPB’s bird id is my new friend. The Common Sandpiper, Willow Warbler and the Lesser Redpoll were amongst the more obscure ones although I have seen the Sandpiper on several other occasions without knowing what it was. Also a pair of herons, unusual to see as they are quite solitary birds. Must be a breeding pair.

Looking back across Loch Glass, Meall Mor under heavy cloud.

Tent pitch 2am. Ben Wyvis and Little Wyvis in the background with the lights of Dingwall and Inverness illuminating the sky.

Sunrise from Beinn nan Eun


4 thoughts on “Cape Wrath LDW prep

  1. For most of my lightweight trips these days, I rely on a Canon S90 – saves lugging about my professional gear around the hills (which is what I used to do, believe it or not).
    The S90 is a very competent wee performer, and I only take the pro gear now for dedicated hill photo shoots.

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