U3A May Photography Meet

Monday May 2nd saw the group out for a return walk along the Caledonian Canal. This time from the Muirtown locks at the swingbridge and down to the termination of the canal where it meets the Firth. An interesting place I had not been to before despite passing it every day when I lived up here back in the 90’s. Any thoughts of a multitude of images showing off the boats moored here were quickly dispersed with when the abundance of wildlife showed up.


8 thoughts on “U3A May Photography Meet

  1. Trust you David to come up with shots as good as these. Although not much of the canal itself they do tell the story of the afternoon out. Well done too to get those ducklings and the duck and heron take off! I will need to pick your brains on how to take shots of birds in flight/

  2. Your photographs are impressive. I loved the ones of the gulls in flight. Now, my photographs are really “holiday snapshots” and, after seeing your shots I feel like throwing either the camera or me in the canal!!! Will I live long enough to get better at this new hobby – I would like to think so.

    • Thanks Sherry, Im sure you will although the main thing I would say is to enjoy it. Photography should be about having fun I believe, and if you are having fun doing it, it will show through in your images.

  3. Birds in flight? Now there’s an idea – we could go to the Red Kite feeding station at Tollie on the Black Isle maybe? Have to admit I’m rubbish at birds though 😦

  4. Yes I would like to go there too! Another place we could go sometime maybe is to the Osprey Hide at Loch Garten. I got some red squirrels there last time.

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