Mission Aborted

Rain stops play!
I’ve had to cut my trip short after 6 days. Tbh I didn’t really have to, but decided I wanted to. I covered an acceptable near 120km and ascended one of the remotest Munros and a very remote Graham.
I’ll get a proper report and more pics up later in the week.


4 thoughts on “Mission Aborted

  1. I just wanted to say that sometimes the wisest path is to realise that finishing isn’t that important. For every door that closes another one opens.
    I am more than half way through my CWT trip report – whet an epic! – and shall send you a copy. (If I can work out how to make my ‘big’ photos emailable)
    I love your wildlife photos. Rachel

    • Thanks for that Rachel. I have just about sorted through my photos now in order to post a trip report.
      I spent a good while wrestling with myself as to whether or not to carry on. Id hurt both my knees, weather was miserable and I wasn’t enjoying it that morning. I believe I did do the wisest thing in returning as my knees are still a little sore after 6 days.
      The hills will still be there tomorrow as the saying goes.

  2. What stunning images of what must have been (up to the point of having to return) an amazing trip. Sometimes the weather just takes over and events are outwith our control.

    Hope it was a blast while it lasted 😀

    • Thanks Norma. I have been very, very fortunate with the weather over the past few years and my many trips, so I can’t really complain this time I guess.
      It was indeed a blast on several occasions over the few short days and will get around to posting about it over the coming week.

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