Cape Wrath Trek Day 1

A couple of last minute revisions to plans on the Monday morning contributed somewhat to the abandonment of this trip 5 days later. Now that it was just myself that was walking, I altered the route considerably to take in a few more out of the way Grahams and took the decision to take the tarp instead of the tent. Taking the tarp was a bit of a no-brainer to be honest. In my efforts over the last year to lighten up my backpacking, the decision to take a 555g shelter (including all guys, pegs and stuff sack) against a 2 man tent weighing 2.5kg+ was simple enough.

Beginning the journey from the end of the public road from Evanton near Loch Glass at around noon on the Monday, the plan was to hike up Glen Glass and ascend Carn Loch nan Amhaichean. Having already bagged Loch Nan Eun from the same route a couple of weeks previously, I made quick progress up here not stopping for as many photos as I normally would. Weather was quite kind, and I was in shorts within a kilometre.

The forest at the start of the walk

The derelict Pink Lodge on the shores of Loch Glass

First break was near 10km in at a good wee shelter by an impressive waterfall.

Above the waterfall I left the good track and ascended west up Gob a’ Chairn for a semi circular route towards the summit of Carn Loch nan Amhaichean. A very quick ascent followed by a gentle trek around this broad easy walking ridge. The light was wonderful at this point.

Looking over Lochan Gobhlach towards the Corbett of Carn Chuinneag (centre) and the Graham of Beinn nan Eun

Not 5 minutes after this image, the first rainfall of the week began for me. A very heavy, very short downpour, only a precursor of what was in store for me for the rest of the week. The summit though was duly gained, but by this time the wind had gotten up.

Summit of C.L.n.Am.

A look at maps had me changing plans again and I descended into Strathrannoch where I knew I could get shelter from the wind for my pitch that night. The original plan would have seen me heading in a northerly direction towards Crom Loch from where I could ascend the corbett of Beinn a’ Chaisteil and the remote Graham of Beinn Tharsuinn (west) the next day. The new route now however looked more interesting as I would now summit the southern top of Beinn a’ Chasteil.

Descended down to the wood at the foot of Meall nam Mullach and pitched the tarp in my favourite open configuration. No wind down here.

22 km covered today. Having weighed everything before leaving and achieving a total carrying weight of just 13kg I was feeling very fresh and looking forward to the next 2 weeks.


2 thoughts on “Cape Wrath Trek Day 1

  1. I found the pink house photo interesting with the modern windmills beyond on the hill. The blue water showed up the house well too.

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