Cape Wrath Trek Day 4

Long lie today. Didnt get up till after 7am. Leisurely start to the day as I sat in my bivvy bag eating my porridge and contemplating the day ahead. First stop would be Knockdamph Bothy, then onwards to the Schoolhouse Bothy, then aim to make Oykel Bridge and camp somewhere up Strathoykel later in the day. It was going to be a long walk, but all on good tracks and very little ascent throughout.

It was a very cloudy day but I always seemed to be just one step ahead of the rain. I could see it coming in behind me, moving very slowly. It was around this time that I started questioning what I was to do if the rain would not relent over the next week. I never came up with an answer preferring to take one day, one hour, one step at a time, as I do with everything.

Loch Damph

I reached Knockdamph Bothy in time for an early lunch. Chatted to a group of Dutch people there who were just leaving as I turned up. They were on the Cape Wrath Trail and had walked in from Ullapool. Although our exact routes were different; we would only be travelling the same way for the next day, we would have met up again at Sandwood Bay to walk the final stretch to the Cape.

Knockdamph Bothy

The rain had finally caught up by now, although it wasn’t too heavy for a change. Light showers followed by a bit of sunshine followed by light showers followed by a bit of sunshine and so on. I spent some lazy time here before setting out for the next target, the Schoolhouse Bothy, only 7km away. The weather by now was still much the same, although the sunnier spells were getting longer, and the rain showers becoming ever more lighter.

Track to Schoolhouse Bothy

I arrived at the Schoolhouse mid afternoon and quickly decided to cut my day short and spend the night here. What a wonderful bothy. Very cozy with wood panelling and double glazing. Its nice to have an easy day.

Planning tomorrows route

Only 12km today. The last couple of days have been very good.


6 thoughts on “Cape Wrath Trek Day 4

    • It has been very well renovated back in 2009 I think it was. It probably gets more than its fair share of visitors now though with cars allowed right down to Corriemulzie lodge. It is quite a wonderful bothy.

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