2011 – 6 month review

As the weather has been pretty horrendous recently, well since May really, I haven’t gotten out as often as I normally would have done by this time of the year. Still, I had an exceptional first 4 months of this year, with some utterly fantastic weather, which makes up for the recent bad spell – almost.


Distance walked – 423km
Ascent – 52,200 ft
22 new Grahams, 1 new Munro and 1 new Corbett summited.

Most enjoyable hillwalk – Carn a’ Choin Deirg, a remarkable wee hill when tackled on a good day in winter, with sublime views across the north of Scotland.

Gear – Only a couple of pieces of new kit this year – all my gear has performed flawlessly and Im at the point where I am very happy with what I have. If I have to narrow it down to just one piece, then it still has to be the Paramo Third Element. This jacket continues to be outstanding. (Inspired by Maz’s recent post, I aim to put together a page about the gear which works for me.)

Photography – This year has been a lot quieter on the photography front. Sports photography work is diminishing as the rise of consumer digital cameras has exploded, and with the majority of people happy just to get their picture in the paper with a namecheck, it is getting harder to make any kind of living from it.

My landscape work still proves to be popular though, and I have sold several pieces this year.
I also continue to meet with the local U3A group about once a month and really enjoy their company and having the opportunity to share with them the little photography knowledge that I have acquired over the last few years.

As to the rest of 2011, plans are slowly being made for a wee photographic tour of some of the Islands, there is a slim possibility of getting back over to Spain to photograph their round of the WRC, a few more Grahams to tackle and maybe even another Munro! Lets just hope the weather improves.


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