The Coigach Grahams

Martin Rye over at his excellent blog Summit and Valley has very kindly given me a guest post slot. On my post there you can read about my latest trip to Coigach to summit the 3 Coigach Grahams and view more of my images from this spectacular overnight adventure.

Click here to read the post.


9 thoughts on “The Coigach Grahams

  1. As we say in the world of social media #jealous

    What an amazing article and the photos are so good they look like they have been through photoshop!

    Completely breathtaking.

    Thanks for such a great post, I loved reading it!

    • “As we say in the world of social media #jealous” 😀 lol… like that

      Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the post, it has been one of my fave trips in 18 years of walking.

  2. Amazing trip and photos. BMC and the mountains that surround it is one of my favouritre areas of Scottish Mountains. You had it all, awesome weather, a summit bivvy, wildlife (loved the newt photos!) and your photos as always are superb. Feeling a bit down yesterday before I read the post. Really cheered me up – took me back to a superb day I had theer in 1989. the Ptarmigan ridge is superb with the costal views from the end amazing.

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