Freshly Pressed

I have been freshly pressed!
To be honest, I didnt really know what that meant before this weekend. I have some idea now though.

My Cape Wrath Trek – Day 3 post, since Friday night has generated over 8000 views, about 100 genuine comments, and about the same number of spam comments. 70 new subscribers and a wee headache in how to reply to everyone.

The most popular image from this post

One of the commonest comments was about looking forward to the next part of the trip. This walk was attempted and posted about back in May and the links to the days are;

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6

I wish to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and comment on this blog, and for those new subscribers, I will get around to checking out your own blogs, although it may take me some time.



10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed

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  2. Somebody at WP must have a penchant for the Scottish outdoors! =]

    My hits rose 1200% on being freshly pressed last week – in fact the very post you commented on…

    I quickly gave up trying to respond to everyone. I’ve yet to read your post – it’s on my todo list…

    • lol, thought that myself…

      I noticed, or rather my inbox did, the amount of comments posted on your last entry. Only very recently came across your blog and thought you were a very popular blogger.
      My own todo list has become increasingly large lately…

  3. I was searching photography on google, and saw your blog. It’s amzing, I love your blog and photo very much!
    I am an amateur photographer and keen on hiking and travel.
    : )

  4. Well done on getting freshly pressed. When it happened to me I thought maybe my spam filter or something had broken, the comments started flooding in! As Fraser said, I gave up trying to respond to all of them. Found your blog via your guest post on Summit and valley. Look forward to reading more, subscribed via google reader now.

    • thanks bpb. 🙂
      I’ve replied to a few recently and added an update to the original post, but have now given up on replying.
      Will get around to looking properly at your blog myself as soon as – didnt realise there were so many outdoor blogs on here…

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