U3A Strathpeffer

The group met in Strathpeffer again at the beginning of August to photograph around the old railway station and The Eagle Stone.

Plenty of flowers on show;

A sign of Autumn already?

Wired Branch ©Rhonda Surman

Chimneys ©Diane McGregor

Old Railway Station ©Jacqi Elmslie

Whisper of a Summers Day ©Neiliann McIntyre

Strathpeffer 2 JB Nearly opening my wings!
Nearly opening my wings! ©Jenny Brogden

The Eagle Stone is made of blue gneiss and carved on the southeast side are two images, a horse shoe-like arc symbol above an eagle. The stone was originally located further down the hill, towards Dingwall, but was moved to its current site in 1411. One old tradition is that the stone marks the site of a Scottish clan battle that took place in 1411 between the Clan Munro and a branch of the Clan MacDonald, and that the stone commemorates a Munro victory as it is marked with their symbol, an eagle.
The stone is more well known from the prophecies of the 16th century Brahan Seer who predicted that if the stone fell three times, the surrounding valley would be flooded, and the stone used as an anchor.

It has since fallen twice, and is now set in concrete.


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