There are a few photographers whom I admire and that inspire me, and then there are a couple of photographers whom I greatly admire and that really inspire me. This video showcases the work of one of these greats. Steve McCurry.

Be inspired;

Steve McCurry: A Retrospective from Leica Camera on Vimeo.

5 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. Much as I enjoy taking and looking at photos I have to confess an almost total ignorance of contemporary photographers. (Actually, scratch the almost).
    So: I would be very interested to read more pointers like this.
    I’m not sure what to make of these photos. I certainly need to see them again, more slowly than the video allows. Although they have a clearly documentary feel, many seem hyper-real (if that’s a word). The colours seem a bit to good to be true and there’s something stagey about the way people are arranged in the pictures. Some films (House of Flying Daggers springs to mind) have a similar quality – at first glance anyway.

    • I’ve got a small list of photographers that I would like to post similar about, if I can find a similar high standard of video to share. A few posts coming about photobooks also possibly. Something that really helped me with my landscape work was looking/studying acclaimed photographers work in print format. As well as being extremely nice to look at, a well printed book can actually be an investment with limited numbers and first edition releases.

      With Steve McCurry’s images, I had some misgivings with a couple of them, but don’t believe that it detracts from the emotion of the image. Good photography is an art and speaks to you. One view of these images and they’re instantly memorable. The colours are very vibrant due to Kodachrome slide film. He shot so much with this film that when Kodak discontinued it they gave him the very last roll to shoot with.

      nice link here to supplement the wiki link above;

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