WRC Wales

Rally GB was once again the final round of the WRC this year and looked set to be the closest finish to the season in a long time. Scottish rally photography was where I began honing my skills as a photographer several years ago now, and photographing the WRC has to be the pinnacle of motorsport photography. Usually this event is a bit of a drab affair for photographers, with very little, good natural light available, and I have many images from this event in the past which look decidedly average – technically perfect, but nothing you would want to hang on your wall. So it was with great delight that this years event coincided with some fantastic weather which this country experienced in early November.

7 thoughts on “WRC Wales

    • Cheers Brian, it made a great difference having these conditions. Good lighting in photographs is the one ingredient – the magic ingredient – which turns a good image into a great one.

  1. Wow. Amazing photos. The first one is quite spooky – all that dynamism – the mud spraying up from the wheels on the left of the picture, but through the windscreen, behind the apparently frozen wipers, the driver seems calm and still as if he’s frozen in that frenzied moment. I suppose it’s sort of an inevitable consequence of taking a snapshot of something moving so fast, but with a farily stationary occupant. Not inevitable, however that you would get that clear image of both the movement of the car and the apparent stillness of the driver.
    Also: is it fair to assume that some of the photographers in the background behind some of the jumping cars are a bit close for comfort to the speeding cars? Were you similarly risking life and limb for your art?

    • lol, knowing that driver, he very likely is most calm and still despite taking that wet, slippery, muddy corner at around 60mph. This image was unexpected actually as I have no idea where that glow came from which has lit up his face – I can only assume that I have miraculously caught someone else’s flash triggering at the exact same moment – It has totally made the image though and is one of my favourites of the event.

      The photographers behind are actually in quite a safe place – although you can’t tell from the image, the car has come in front of them – from left to right – and taken a sharp right-hander up and over the jump. The cars still get some height due to their rapid acceleration.

      I no longer risk life and limb now. I have a scar on my face from several years ago when I took a large fist sized stone to my face. I saw the stone coming towards me through the lens, and instinctively dropped the camera away from my face to protect the lens. Stupidly I forgot to avoid getting hit myself – although I probably had only a second in which to act. 🙂

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