So what’s this about then?
In a nutshell;
Random musings

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Away up high in the hills so green
    Are the most glorious sights ever to be seen
    Eagles soaring with their wings so wide
    The wind blowing gently through the sky
    It’s freedom for both man and bird
    No need for speech no, not a word

    • cheers NIck, but one of the main reasons for starting this blog was to consolidate all my web presence to one place. Have given up all my old sites and forums now as I dont have the time at all for more than 1.

      Thanks anyway.

    • Thanks Paul, did think about posting a link to it on WH, but didn’t think it was really fair since I don’t have the time these days to participate there. I still check in from time to time though and good to see how it’s grown for yourself and Helen. 🙂

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